Article in Integral Leadership Review: A Note on the Field–thoughts on integral leadership post ITC 2015

An article I was asked to write for Integral Leadership Review, summarising my perspectives on the 2015 Integral Theory Conference. I wasn’t presenting or facilitating anything at this ITC, so I was free to just enjoy the whole experience, as you will see from the article.

Presentation: The Meaning of Planetary Civilisation–integral rational spirituality and the semiotic universe

A video of a presentation I gave on my paper for the 3rd Integral Theory Conference in San Francisco, California in 2013 via a subsequent online Integral Theory Conference Downunder organised by Trish Nowland of Sydney Integral. The paper is long, so this is a good way to get a general overview of the material.

Introduction to PatternDynamics™

Make a Deeper Difference: Change the System


“Every social transformation is accompanied by a new way of communicating. This includes the hardware of communication, like the printing press or the Internet, but it must also include the software–the new languages that emerge to disclose new worlds. The current planetary transformation is a transformation to a living systems worldview, and it is this world that our languages must now describe.”

                                                                                    J.T. Winton

My name is Tim Winton, creator of PatternDynamics™. I’m going to describe an emergent 21st Century skill that will leverage your capacity as a change leader. Learning it will enable you to combine deep purpose, natural wisdom, and collective intelligence for resolving complex organisational, social, and global challenges.

PatternDynamics™ is a step-by-step framework designed for conscious leaders, intrapreneurs, organisational professionals, social entrepreneurs and anyone interested in learning to create deeper change.

In our increasingly complex world, real change is notoriously difficult, frustrating, and resource intensive. With planetary challenges mounting, we need more generative organisational methods and tools. Continue reading

Audio file on the foundations of PatternDynamics

Click to listen to audio file:  Foundations of PatternDynamics

This talk was recorded as part of the Certificate 4 and Diploma programs in Accredited Permaculture Training I taught at Permaforest Trust. This was recorded at the beginning of the second semester in 2006, probably in late July or August. It is interesting to go back and listen to how I was thinking about PD at the time now that it has developed into something more tangible 6 years later.